MIchael J. Mirabella, Esq.

For more than 30 years, Michael J. Mirabella of MBella Law has practiced insurance-related litigation in the state of Colorado. His firm provides legal services in the areas of insurance defense, complex litigation, commercial litigation, and insurance-coverage issues, as well as occasionally representing plaintiffs in personal-injury matters.

When you choose MBella Law, you benefit from depth of experience in insurance law and commercial litigation, including jury trials involving bodily injury litigation; contract and financing disputes; automobile-dealership defense; accounting, engineering, pharmacy, and real estate malpractice; fraud investigations; motor-vehicle accidents; premises liability; product liability; asbestos litigation; construction litigation; construction, trucking, and oil and gas-well accidents; uninsured-motorist arbitration; no-fault coverage disputes; and coverage disputes between insurance companies and insureds.

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Attorney at Law, Colorado